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This distinctive picture book features entertaining text and dynamic illustrations and is a unique way to introduce readers to a selection of sporting events and amazing creatures.

Who do you think would win a gold medal in basketball – a team of lions, giraffes or chimpanzees? Who would swim the fastest – a tiger, a beaver or a crocodile? Who do you think could lift the heaviest weight – an elephant, gorilla or grizzly bear? You decide who wins the bronze, silver and gold medals! Readers are given simple, informative descriptions for ten sporting events. The unique skills each creature would bring to these events are described in a fun yet factual way. Children are encouraged to apply critical thinking to predict who would win the gold, silver, and bronze medal in each event.

Richard Turner is a Performing Arts teacher, who supports children’s  creative voices through drama and dance. He has directed and choreographed musicals, working with students who can sing and dance way better than he can. Like most children, Richard has to be told to eat his peas, but never has to be told to eat his jellybeans or ice cream. He has been on a skateboard, a rollercoaster, an elephant and a camel. He has also been on a spaceship to the moon, but only in his dreams!

Ben Clifford was born and raised in Tasmania, Australia. He began illustrating after living in a nice place with the cuckoos and sparrows in England. After returning home he began drawing, painting, illustrating and writing books. When he’s not drawing or writing stories, running through forests, climbing mountains or kayaking in rivers, he loves to swim at the beach and build sandcastles.

RRP: $24.99

ISBN: 978-1-76036-079-5

Book Details
Richard Turner
Ben Clifford
280 x 8 x 280 mm - 36 pages
Release Date:
May 2020
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