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This is a lovable tale that can help children with identity and discovering what makes us all unique.

This is a beautifully illustrated, simple tale about a goat called Mo who helps Muddle, a duck, realise his identity. Muddle is a lovable, slightly confused yet enthusiastic little duckling who asks lots and lots of questions. Mo is a long-suffering, not very adventurous white goat who has lots of patience. They are best friends, but Muddle is rather confused about what type of animals they both are. Fortunately, during the course of their walk together, Mo helps Muddle get his duck identity sorted out.

“Through the illustrations, the author has created characters that are likable and quirky. The individual characteristics of the bossy duck and the bemused goat are illuminated by the various expressions they exhibit as the conversation between the two unravels. An easy and enjoyable read that is bound to leave a smile on face.” —Reading Time (Australia)

“Set on a textural background of compressed cardboard, Muddle and Mo are simply and expressively painted. … This is an easy to read story, a simple tale of two animals’ friendship and a search for identity.” —ReadPlus (Australia)

Nikki Slade Robinson has been an illustrator and author for many years. She illustrates for a wide range of national and multinational businesses, producing greeting card artwork, cartoons, educational illustration and much more. Most of all she loves drawing for children and has illustrated over sixty children’s books.

Age Range: 2-5

RRP: HB: $25.99 · PB: $14.99

ISBN: HB: 9780994100757 · PB: 9780994100740

Juvenile Fiction / Social Themes / Friendship

Book Details
Nikki Slade Robinson
Nikki Slade Robinson
Hardback, Paperback
21.0 cm in H · 25.5 cm in W · 32 pages
Release Date:
May 2015
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