Book Description

A simple tale of a favorite game, hide-and-seek, told through mostly black and white illustrations.

A colourful group of children plays hide-and-seek in a black and white forest. See where each child hides and what they plan to do to stay out of sight. Enjoy this simple tale, where life is breathed into the illustrations through the intentional use of colour.

• Helps young children learn primary and secondary colours, as well as black and white.
• Encourages children to think how they would respond to the much-loved game of hide-and-seek in this forest
• Simple but charming illustrations and repetition, perfect for young readers.

Hemu Wu resides in Hunan, China, where he illustrates children’s books. At first, Hemu was not interested in children’s picture books, until one day, as he was browsing a bookstore, he took a closer look at them. From then on, Hemu discovered his passion for creating picture books. Hemu likes everything about nature, taking his dog with him when he draws in the forest, and living simply. As long as he has books to read, tools to draw, and bread, then he’s all set. Hemu has many stories to share with his readers.

RRP: $19.99

ISBN: 978-1-76036-076-4

Book Details
Hemu Wu
Hemu Wu
210 x 7 x 210 mm - 32 pages
Release Date:
May 2020
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