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Follow a green gecko as it scavenges for food in this entertaining and educational story.

This book follows a curious green gecko as it scavenges for food, facing other predators as it explores the bush. It also includes factual information about green geckos, their behaviour, and their life cycle—a great learning tool for children! Weaving the facts into the story allows teachers and carers to provide answers to all the questions children are bound to have at the end.

Gay Hay is a New Zealand environmental enthusiast. Over the many years of her primary school teaching she has helped children plant and nurture thousands of native trees. She has been involved in many environmental initiatives on the Kapiti Coast and is currently leading the lizard investigation as part of the Kapiti Biodiversity Project.

Margaret Tolland is an artist from New Zealand, whose illustrations are packed with detail. Through her work, get closer to the habitats and lifestyles of the many species, both flora and fauna, that she explores with an eye on environmental education. With twenty years’ experience in visual arts education and working in a gallery, Margaret now illustrates full-time. Although she had a fear of spiders, after painting them in detail, she now appreciates how amazing they are.

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ISBN: 978-1-76036-033-7

Book Details
Gay Hay
Margaret Tolland
26.0 x 0.8 x 24.0 cm - 40 pages
Release Date:
August 2017
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