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Cowboy Cam has found the perfect props for his wild west set, but there’s a problem–his grandparents are wearing them!

Cowboy Cam and his cousin Poppy are in need of some wild west attire to complete their outfit, and luckily they know just where to find some.  But after filching Grandad’s hat and Grandma’s boots, a deathly silence falls, and the pair of young rogues discover they can’t escape the long, ice-cream-holding arms of the law…

Bright, textured illustrations weave magic into this dynamic, domestic adventure.

• A mischievous story that will delight young readers with its thrilling pace.
• This story captures the excitement of playing pretend at your Grandparent’s house – and the magic when they join in!
• Bold textures and vivid colours bring this lively story and characters to life.

William Russell may be the furthest thing you could imagine from a Children’s author. Working in International Relations and holding an MBA, creativity usually extends to ensuring his suit accentuates his eyes. However, his work has given him the gift of travel. Witnessing how stories can unify a community, create emotional bonds and transcend cultural barriers, William now writes to share the power of stories. William lives in Australia with his wife, two children and beagle named Yuma.

Sian Moore is a freelance illustrator from Wales. She graduated in 2014 after four years of studying illustration, and now works from home with “help” from her two young daughters. She works digitally to create her illustrations and over the years has worked with a variety of children’s magazines, recently stepping into the world of publishing and realising her dream of illustrating picture books.

RRP: $24.99

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 978-1-76036-172-3

World rights available, except for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the US.

Book Details
William Russell
Sian Moore
21.0 cm in H · 25.5 cm in W · 40 pages
Release Date:
5th November 2024
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