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A heartwarming story of friendship, loyalty and lots of hot chocolate!

In Johan’s world, he thinks that most problems can be solved by drinking a ‘magical’ cup of hot chocolate. Johan lives in a stable family. He befriends Henry who has problems at home. Initially this is only hinted at and might be seen by an adult, but not so clearly by a child. As the interactions between the two boys develop, it is obvious that something is not right at Henry’s home and it boils over into the young friend’s school life. This book appears to be written for those in stable family settings, to understand the dilemmas that some children face, and to explain why they might need to talk to someone. The author and illustrator have worked together to give young readers some insight into strong emotions and show that class mates who can be hard to get on with may be suffering in some way. It also beautifully encourages them to be supportive and understanding of their friend during the good days and bad.

Rose Stanley worked as a Student Support Specialist in a New Zealand primary school for six years and has most recently been an advisor for the Lifewalk Trust, where she trains volunteers working in a similar support role. Her work has involved supporting many children as they went through difficult life experiences including bereavement, family separations and friendship problems. She has also written a number of articles for the parenting magazine Tots to Teens.

Lisa Allen is a New Zealand graphic designer and freelance illustrator. She also paints on commission and teaches art. Lisa has illustrated a number of successful picture books including Mangrove (Penguin 2007) and Anzac Day Parade (Penguin 2010).

Age Range: 4-8

RRP: $25.99


Book Details
Rose Stanley
Lisa Allen
20.5 x 0.3 x 19.0 cm - 32 pages
Release Date:
April 2015
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