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Book Description

A colourful and fun picture book that celebrates difference.

Little Croc hatches all on his own in a quiet part of the jungle. He may be small, but he has a big voice and loves to sing. But the other animals don’t like his snap-snap sound and send him away. As time passes he becomes a big croc, and his song gets better and louder. But he is still lonely. Finally, he asks some birds to teach him their own beautiful song, so that the other animals might be his friends. All goes well until he gets carried away and starts snap-snapping in the middle of the song. Again, the other animals send him away. As he sings sadly to himself by the river, his song attracts an unexpected crowd of admirers. Soon Croc is no longer on his own, and has a lot of new friends to sing with.

Laura Casella was born in Rome. She obtained a BA in Illustration from the Institute of European Design. In 1995, her work was selected at the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna for her non-fiction project Middle Ages. She worked as freelance illustrator on various projects. In 1996, she moved to London, where she worked as graphic/web designer also using her illustration skills. She has recently graduated from Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge for a MA in Children’s Book Illustration.

Age Range: 5-7

RRP: $25.99

Book Details
Laura Casella
Laura Casella
26.0 x 0.8 x 25.0 cm - 36 pages
Release Date:
October 2018
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